TEO YI HUI (张怡慧)



Bachelor of Laws (Hons)

Professional Admissions:

Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore



Tel: +65 6305 4586

Specialist Commercial Litigator and Family Lawyer

Yi Hui is a dynamic litigator and who has represented both local and international clients at all levels before the Singapore Courts in a broad range of corporate and commercial matters. More notable matters comprise of minority oppression claims and shareholder disputes, claims for breaches of directors’ duties as well as claims for declaratory relief under the Companies Act. She has assisted corporate clients in obtaining Anton-Pillar orders and conducting dawn raids for the seizure and preservation of vital evidence.

She has also advised and represented clients in arbitration matters administered by the SIAC and other international arbitral tribunals. She is a frequent contributor of legal articles on Lexology and is the co-author of Chapter XXIII on Mareva Injunctions, Atkin’s Court Forms (2020 reissue).

Yi Hui is passionate for ensuring that justice is done for the man on the street. She believes that achieving justice and equity involves prizing the relationship between knowledge and responsibility. This is the cornerstone principle upon which she has built her practice and it is the driving force behind her philosophy of excellence.

Yi Hui runs the family law practice at Pointer LLC where her warmth, intelligence and dispute resolution skills are valued and highly-sought after. Her empathy and willingness to go above and beyond for her clients sets her apart and makes her a valuable ally and advisor during difficult transitions in life.

As your preferred family lawyer, she skilfully manages both your contentious and non-contentious family matters, including divorce proceedings, custody, care and control of children, access issues and spousal maintenance.

Her ability to bring different perspectives to the negotiation table guarantees an unfailingly thorough and rigorous management of your family dispute from its conception to completion.

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